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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused?

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Hi, I am Chelsea Leatham and I am so glad you found me!

I specialise in helping millennials who feel overwhelmed, stuck and confused to gain clarity and confidence to move forward in life.


My coaching journey began as a teenager, when I volunteered with my faith group to help troubled youngsters find their mission and purpose in life.


I travelled to India and Bangladesh and worked with young people in very challenging circumstances, helping them create their own story of success.


Feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused?

Book Your FREE Discovery Session Today

How I Can

Help You

Think of me as your confidant, encourager and guide. I will empower you to break negative patterns, define your success and achieve your goals. I will help you navigate your way through life’s challenges and be the best that you can be. Ultimately, I will assist you in building your personal path to happiness.

The 20s and 30s are a critical period in life. You have to make some big decisions, decisions that impact your health, mental wellbeing, lifestyle and your entire future. It is hardly surprising that you find yourself terrified, confused and unhappy. Your friends are in the same boat as you. The generation gap is too vast for your parents to understand you. Where will you go for guidance?

That’s where I step in. I will help you gain clarity around what you want, avoid pitfalls along the way and lay a solid foundation for all future happiness!

•    Are you overwhelmed with the choices available to you?

•    Are you feeling lost, lonely, stressed or anxious?

•    Are you sitting on life-altering decisions because of fear of the unknown?

•    Are you avoiding the positive because the negative is more comforting?

Then now is the time to shake things up and take that leap! I will inspire you, motivate you and help you to get rid of false beliefs blocking your joy.

As your Life Coach, I will be your:

•    Accountability Partner
•    Trusted Confidant
•    Career Strategist
•    Happiness Assistant

And much, much more.

Come to me to get a fresh perspective and new direction in life. You will experience positivity and change right from the first session. Working with me is not just endless discussion, I will help you outline very practical goals and motivate you to act on them too!  

I use specialised coaching strategies that include:

•    Brainstorming through the best options available for you.

•    Determining your strengths and skills.

•    Analysing mental blockages and barriers preventing your success.

•    Taking a holistic approach to life decisions.

•    Creating goals and identifying tasks to achieve them. 

•    Reframing negative situations without trivialising them.

•    Accepting your current situation and moving forward from there.

Not only will I help you discover a better reality but I will also give you the tools needed to achieve that reality. Don’t waste time and energy running down the wrong track any more. Unlock your hidden potential and find inner peace. Book your free discovery session today to find out how.

Book your FREE discovery session today.