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4 Career Inspiring Podcasts

July 10, 2018


It’s no wonder the podcast craze has taken off. Life is busier than ever and we want to maximise our time by multi-tasking as much as possible. Also, we Millennials love to learn and absorb new information and what better way to do that than plugging in while getting the house work done or commuting to work.


I have gained so much from listening to podcasts so I wanted to share with you my top four picks to inspire you in your career. Here they are in no particular order...



Dear HBR:

‘The advice show for workplace dilemmas. We take your questions and offer a better way forward.’


This podcast is produced by Harvard Business Review and was created in response to all the career related questions they were getting from their followers.


I love what Harvard Business Review are about and feel they offer a unique perspective when it comes to workplace trends and career development. This podcast hosts a small panel of professionals who answer questions from listeners. It offers a great opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of people who have been in the workplace a lot longer than us millennials.


It tends to focus on the corporate world and episode titles include Bad Bosses, Generational Conflict, Career Transitions and Toxic Workplaces. If you are in the corporate world and are feeling disillusioned about your current workplace, this podcast can offer you some great tips.


It’s a relatively new podcast so it’s still too early to tell whether HBR will deem it a success or failure. But the fact they are launching something specifically related to workplace dilemmas gets the double thumbs up from me.


The Life Coach School Podcast

by Brooke Castillo


I’m slightly biased but I believe this is THE BEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD! Brooke Castillo is a Master Life Coach and has two decades of experience coaching individuals on how to stop overeating and how to feel better. She now runs a life coaching school and has two very successful podcasts.


The first one, The Life Coach School Podcast showcases Brooke's teaching as she deep dives into how to manage emotions by becoming more aware of your thinking. She uses a model founded on the work of Byron Katie which is similar in principle to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


Brooke’s second podcast ‘How to be a Life Coach’ is what inspired me to become a life coach and I’m eternally grateful to her for the amazing free content she had created.


The reason I have included Brooke’s podcast (even though it is not directly career related) is because I believe it can help anyone who is feeling unhappy in their career. She teaches we are all responsible for our own emotions and that nothing outside of ourselves has the power to control how we feel. This tough teaching has empowered me in times when I have been tempted to blame someone else for my situation.


If you commit yourself to doing the thought work outlined in this podcast it will definitely help you to find a career you truly love. Be warned though it’s not light listening and people often replay the same episode over and over to fully grasp her concepts. It’s a hard teaching to live by but if you can, it will significantly improve not only your career but all areas of your life.


Highly recommend Brooke for those interested in improving your mindset.


How I Built This with Guy Raz


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you want to learn from those who have built the world's most successful companies than this podcast is for you!


What I love about this podcast is the continual inspiration it dishes up. Hearing the challenges faced and overcome by business owners is a humble reminder that these people are just ordinary people who have made mistakes, and continued despite disappointment and setback. No one's journey to the top has been smooth sailing and Guy Raz dives deep into the difficulties and challenges experienced by those changing career direction and starting a business.


The podcast sheds light on the many different ways entrepreneurs have founded and grown their business. There is no mold, there is no one size fits all. There is no one way path that guarantees success and it’s entirely possible to walk a new path, one that noone has walked before and be a huge success.


However, success leaves clues. Being able to get into the minds of some of the most successful business owners provides the opportunity to observe what they all have in common. And what I have found is that they all were willing to take big risks, listen to their gut and work their buts off.


What You Will Learn - Adam Ashton and Adam Jones


My final recommendation that I just couldn’t resist.


Adam and Adam are two young aussie blokes who are passionate about reading (among many things) but this podcast is primarily dedicated to their passion for reading personal development books.


On the podcast they read and review a book a week. Impressive hey?!


If you are someone who loves to learn but doesn’t have the time to read a book a week, this podcast trims the fat for you. Adam and Adam share the highlights, the lowlights, and give a really great insight into whether you want to invest some of your time reading the whole book.


The Adams really let their personalities shine through which I love. They finish each episode with a song to capture the essence of the book which is hilarious and I highly recommend you listen to the song on the ‘Daring Greatly’ episode - my personal favourite. These guys are just gold.  A must listen.



So there it is! Four podcasts to inspire you in your career whether you’re in the corporate or entrepreneurial arena. These podcasts cover something for everyone who is looking for some inspiration no matter what field or line of work you are into.


Do you already listen to some of these podcasts? Do you have a podcast recommendation? Let me know in the comments below.

Chelsea x


If you are looking for more career inspiration, check out my FREE 4 Step Guide to 'Get Unstuck'. It contains 4 quick and easy exercises to help you get clarity on your career direction.




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