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Don't Change Your Career Until You Read This!

February 20, 2018




I love change. I can’t get enough of it.


Even as I teenager I loved it. I changed high schools four times, uni degrees twice and share houses…. well I lost count after ten. I love variety, growth, and facing the challenge of the unknown. I also have the belief that if you are not happy where in your current situation than you have the ability and the power to change it.


However, change isn’t always a good idea. Especially when we don’t know why we are changing. We can feel unsettled and uncertain about a situation we are in and know we need to change, but if we don’t know WHY, then we are bound to repeat the same mistakes.


This is especially true when it comes to career. So many people I know complain about their job. How much they hate it, why their supervisor sucks and how they are lacking meaning and purpose in their work. However, when asked what they want to be doing instead, they often draw a blank.


It’s one thing to know you are unhappy in your current job, it’s quite another to know what you are looking for in a career. I’ve seen people (myself included) quit their jobs because they are fed up. The problem is they don’t understand why that job didn’t fulfil them in the first place. A job that initially brought great joy and satisfaction, now brings despondency and anxiety.


Quitting your job without first doing the groundwork on why you’re unhappy in your current role is going to prevent you from making the same mistake again.


I was in my first ‘real’ job for nearly five years. At the beginning I loved it and thought I had found my life calling. Four years later I felt the complete opposite. I was burnt out, tired, and unmotivated to show up every day. I couldn’t understand why I felt like this. How had my dream job turned into my worst nightmare?


Instead of doing a thorough analysis on how I was feeling, I pushed through. Believing that if I just kept going things would improve. They didn’t, and twelve months later I quit without any knowledge on why I felt the way I did about my job, or what type of job would make me happy. Because I hadn’t done the work I was like a wave in the ocean being blown around. I was blown all the way from Melbourne to Brisbane, and took the first job I was offered. Twelve months later I found myself in the same situation - unhappy in my role.


It was then I decided to slow down and take a long hard look at my life and where I was heading. To do this I took 18 months off work to hike all over the world. Starting in New Zealand then onto Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.


Immersing myself in my favourite flow activity… hiking, I was able to take time to answer some big life questions. Discerning what did I want to achieve in my life and why? What was going to being me deep and lasting happiness? Both in my personal and professional life.


As I hiked through the Caucasus mountain range in Georgia I found the expectations of parents, friends and society dropped away and I was able to become clear on my own life goals and definition of success.


Although I had this new revelation and was now clear we on what I wanted in my life, I still had to put it into practice, this was the hard part.


Returning home I was faced with the realities of needing to get a job, so I went back into the same area of work I had been in before. But now I knew it wasn’t going to be forever. The increased self-awareness I had gained through travel had given me a fresh confidence and clear direction about my career future.


The good news is you don’t need to take 18 months off work and go travelling to discover what career is going to give you more meaning and satisfaction. You don’t even have to leave your home. The secret to finding long lasting and satisfying work is doing the internal work. Learning your values, strengths and passions to find a career that is the right fit for you.


I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did - quitting your job without knowing why, or having an action plan in place. Or without having a clear idea of what career WILL give you that meaning and satisfaction you crave. Don’t run the risk of finding yourself in the same situation you are currently in.


We all have different needs when it comes job satisfaction but very few of us are consciously aware of what these needs are and how we can resourcefully get these needs met. The more you know about yourself the more chance you have of finding a career that aligns with the core of who you are.


I don’t want you to spend years of wilderness wandering like I did. I am offering you a FREE discovery session to learn more about what your needs are and how you can get them met in a career you love. You don’t have to waste time doing the journey alone. Having help from someone who has been there and found a way out will save you time and money. Book your call today.


Chels x


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