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3 Signs It’s Time to Hire A Career Coach

February 5, 2018



It’s another one of those days. You finished work but barely got through the day. You’re unhappy in your current role but don’t know if you should stick with it or gather the courage to start making changes.


You know you have options...

1. Go down a completely different career path.

2. Step into a new job.

3. Pack your bags and travel.


Either way, you’re scared.


Worried that ‘changing’ might not work. That it still leaves you stuck in the same position as before.


Deep down you feel like there’s absolutely no answer to your questions.


Hold it right there, girl!

Don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem - you just have to know where to look.  


One option is to hire a career coach. Getting a second, professional perspective on your situation can help you to gain more clarity on how to move forward right now.


Not sure, if hiring a career coach is really for you?


If you resonate with any of the 3 points below then now could be the right time...


1. You Feeling Stuck and Overwhelmed


This familiar feeling can lead to decision making paralysis for many millennials when they are choosing a suitable career path. According to Dr Oliver Robinson (an expert in quarter-life crisis):


‘Adults in their twenties report higher levels of stress than any other adult age group.’


Historically speaking, picking a career path was straightforward because our parents’ generation often followed in their parents’ career footsteps.


These days career options seem to be multiplying exponentially with thousands of new career titles popping up regularly along with the daily emergence of another self made millionaire.


Not only do the multitude of career possibilities create overwhelm, but so does the pressure to find a fulfilling and satisfying career.


I’ve heard many people say that ‘Millennials just need to lower their expectations. You’re not always going to love your job’.


I don't believe that lowering your expectations is also not an answer.


Striving to find a career you love it a great thing!


I mean, would you rather stay stuck in a job you hate and ‘suck it up’ or spend a little bit of time finding something that gives you a deeper sense of meaning and purpose?


And yes, it can be hard work to find something that you deeply care about. It can also involve periods of confusion and uncertainty.


But this is exactly the time to make a change in your life.


The number one reason people come to me is because they are overwhelmed and ‘stuck’.


A career coach can make this time in your life easier and can help you to gain clarity and certainty in order to move forward in your life.

2. You Feel Alone


Feeling isolated and alone is a common experience for those who are feeling unhappy in their workplace.


I’ve found that talking about career satisfaction is a taboo subject in most environments.


Even if we find the courage to confide in our friends how we dislike our job, the response we get might be something like ‘Just keep at it.’ or ‘You have a good job. What are you unhappy about?’


It can also feel isolating to look at friends and peers who all seem to be in a career they love. On top of that they are happily married, welcomed their first baby into the world and bought their dream home. And upon realising that you have none, or few of these things, might cause you to compare yourself and ask yourself ‘what’s wrong with me?’


But honestly, before you think you will be spending the rest of your life with your eight cats in an apartment alone, let me tell you: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. What you are experiencing is completely normal! In fact, no one has it all ‘together’! Even the people you are comparing yourself to.


Your late 20s and early 30s is a challenging time where you and your friends are making major life decisions. But if you feel left behind, remember that you are running your own race. Looking to others as a benchmark should not indicate your success or failure in life.


When you are feeling alone, it can be helpful to seek out like minded people to talk to. Find people who understand what you are going through and who ‘get-you’. Rediscover what it is you love to do and join a group of people who are doing it. This may be a dance class, a hiking group, a photography class or an acting class.


Additionally hiring a coach who understands the journey you are on will also help during this time of loneliness. Especially if they understand your unique situation and the problems you are facing.


3. You’ve Tried Everything and Nothing is Working


You’ve read over a dozen ‘self-help’ books that claim to help you to ‘find your purpose’ or ‘gain clarity’. You might have watched Youtube videos or even attended a seminar to help you figure out how you can change the career you’re currently unhappy with.


You’ve talked to your boss about your work situation or picked up a hobby outside of work. You changed housemates and broke up with your partner.


But still,  whatever you do, nothing seems to work.

Sound familiar?


If you’ve come to realise that it really is your job that’s keeping you unhappy, then maybe it’s time to see a career coach. They will know what you can do in this situation and work their magic to help you gain clarity.


I am offering you a FREE discovery call to help you decide whether a career coach can help you. This a 100% free no obligation chat where I can help you get closer to finding a career you love. Click here to book your call today.



Millennial Career Coach



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