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How to Survive a Quarter-life Crisis

July 7, 2017


Last week, I wrote about quarter-life crisis and why it happens. Having been through (and conquering) the experience twice, I learned a thing or two along the way. This week, I am going to share my learning in the form of three practical tips and help you overcome your quarter-life crisis too!
1.  Begin the self-help journey

The best strategy to overcoming a quarter-life crisis is to embrace the journey of self-reflection and introspection. Use this opportunity to discover who you are and what you want out of life. Your quarter-life crisis is an amazing opportunity to pause, reflect and move forward in a more certain way. If you take time to answer your big life questions, you have a better chance of achieving more fulfillment and greater success.


2.  Take action

Feeling 'stuck' or 'blocked' often happens because we have stopped taking risks.  We become afraid of making a mistake. Too often we listen to the negative voice in our head:

•    What if I make a wrong decision?
•    What if I fail?
•    What if I make a mistake?

Ask yourself, "If I looked back on my life in two years time and I am in the same job/city/relationship as I am in now, will I be disappointed in myself?"

The only thing holding you back from making a change is you. If you are currently unhappy then you have nothing to lose by making a change.


3.  Get support

Going through a quarter-life crisis is a difficult journey, and is made easier by having someone to share the journey with you. Tell a close friend how you are feeling and check in with them regularly. Share your hopes and dreams with them and ask them to keep you accountable in going after what you want.

A key to successfully achieving your goals and not shying away from your journey of self-discovery and purpose is to find a mentor/close friend or Life Coach to help you on the journey and keep you accountable. Someone who will encourage, support, and guide you to help you discover where your passions lie. Ask them to help you set actionable and time-bound goals so that you can achieve your life’s true purpose.
I love helping people discover what gives them joy and purpose in life. If you would like help moving forward, book in for a free mini-session to learn how I can help you achieve more purpose and passion in your life.

Have a great week!




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